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Test The Web Applications

Now is a good time to test the 3 web applications before continuing on. These tests are all done through your web browser, and should be done from a remote computer to test the firewall rules as well. Your Theopenem server should now be reachable by the server’s FQDN and corresponding port.

In these examples the server name is and should be replaced by your actual server name.

1. Test Toems-API (Backend)

2. Test Toec-API (Client connections)

3. Test Toems-UI (Frontend)
  • Open a web browser
  • Navigate to
  • You should be greeted by the login page
  • Login With:

    Username: toemsadmin
    Password: toemsadmin

  • If this step was successful the Toems-UI is running and can communicate with Toems-API. Do not attempt to configure anything in the Toems-UI yet. Close your browser.

If any of these 3 tests failed, revisit all sections up to this point, looking for any discrepancies, otherwise, Testing The Web Applications Is Complete. Check this off of your Installation checklist now.