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Create Scheduled Task

This section is only performed on the server that has the Toems-API Server Role set as primary. If you remember, this role was defined in the Toems-API Web.config file.

Theopenem has a series of tasks that run at various time intervals. This list can be found in Admin Settings->Task Scheduler. These tasks are all initiated from within the Toems-API web application as long as it hasn’t gone to sleep. The problem is that the Toems-API is only used when someone logs into the Toems-UI. This means that the Toems-API is a very low traffic application and most of the time will be asleep preventing the Task Scheduler from running. This section will setup a Windows Task to keep the Toems-API awake.

1. Create A Local User To Run The Task
  • Go to start or run and enter lusrmgr.msc
  • Right click on Users and select New User

  • Enter toemskeepalive for the User name:

  • Create a Password for the user
  • Uncheck User must change password at next logon
  • Check User cannot change password
  • Check Password never expires
  • Click Create
  • Close any remaining dialog boxes

2. Give the User Batch Job Rights
  • Go to start or run and enter secpol.msc
  • Expand Local Policies and Select User Rights Assignment
  • In the Window on the right, scroll to the bottom and find Log on as a batch job, double click it
  • Click Add User or Group
  • Ensure the location is set to the local computer and not the domain
  • Enter toemskeepalive in the object names box, click Ok
  • Click Ok on any remaining dialog boxes

3. Create Windows Scheduled Task
  • Open the Windows Task Scheduler
  • Right click on Task Scheduler (Local), select Import Task
  • Navigate to the Theopenem-1.1.0 folder you extracted back in the Install Toems Web Applications Section
  • Select the Toems-API Keepalive.xml file, click Open
  • On the General Tab, Click Change User or Group
  • Enter toemskeepalive in the object names box, remember to change the location to local, click Ok
  • Change the radio button to Run whether user is logged on or not
  • Check the box for Do not store password
  • Click OK, enter the toemskeepalive password when prompted

This Concludes the Scheduled Tasks. Check this off of your Installation checklist now.