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Firewall Exceptions

When the IIS Server Role was installed earlier, it automatically created an exception for port 80 and 443. Two more exceptions must be added for the additional Web Applications, port 8080 and port 8888. While we are here we will also setup ports 8443 and 4444 should you decide to enable SSL at a later time.

1. Go to start or run and enter wf.msc

2. Select Inbound Rules, Right click on Inbound Rules and select New Rule

3. For the Rule Type, select Port

4. On the protocols and ports page, select TCP and ports 8080,8443

5. On the Action page, select Allow the connection.

6. On the Name page, enter Toems-API, click Finish

7. Follow Steps 2-6 again to create an exception for Toec-API
  • This time use ports 8888,4444 and set the name to Toec-API

This concludes the Create Firewall Exceptions. Check this off of your Installation checklist now.