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Theopenem Server Installation Is Now Complete

If you are going to setup an additional Application Server or DMZ Toec API, you should repeat the following sections for each additional server.

  • Install IIS
  • Install Toems Web Applications
  • Create Firewall Exceptions
  • Update Web.config
  • Test the Web Applications
  • Create the Storage Directory
  • Configure Theopenem - Set The Default Com Server Cluster
  • Configure Theopenem - Set The Storage Location
  • Install Certificates
  • Web.config Revisited

Continue to fill in your Topology Worksheet for Application Server 2 and DMZ Toec-API, remember to change any references from the above guide referenced as Application Server 1 to Application Server 2 or DMZ Toec-API.

The next couple of topics will deal with getting the endpoint agent installed, starting with Endpoint Provisioning Setup