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Updates for Theopenem are handled by the Update Installer for each released update. They can be found at Theopenem downloads page.

When updating Theopenem, you cannot use the full installer. You must use the Update Installer.

Updates are not incremental. For example, you can go directly from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0, skipping 1.2.1

Update Steps
  • Download the latest Update Installer
  • Run the installer on every application and com server, if they are seperate
  • Login to Theopenem
  • You will be prompted to update the database, click Update
  • After you have logged in, select Admin Settings->Toec->Actions->Prepare Toec Updates. Toec agents will not update until this step is performed which is helpful if you want to manually install the latest client on a few test machines before you update them all
  • If you are using multiple com servers, you will need to replicate storage before Toec will update
  • Your update is now complete