Theopenem logs are all available from with the Toems-UI.

Imaging Logs

  • Client With Toec Installed - Computers->Search Active->View->Imaging Logs
  • Client Without Toec - Computers->Search Image Only->View->Imaging Logs
  • Unregisted Client - Admin Settings->Logs->Unregistered Imaging Logs
  • Multicast Log - Admin Settings->Logs->Com Server Logs->multicast.log

Server Logs

  • Admin Settings->Logs->Application Logs, Front End Logs, and Com Server Logs
  • These logs can also be located on the server at
    c:\program files\theopenem\Toems-API\private\logs
    c:\program files\theopenem\Toems-UI\private\logs
    c:\program files\theopenem\Toec-API\private\logs

Toec Logs

  • The client logs can be pulled from the device by selecting Actions->Get Service Log from the computer's view page
  • These logs can also be locate on the client at C:\Program Files\Toec\logs