Deploy Toec Via Group Policy

1. Begin by copying your Toec 32 bit and Toec 64 bit files to a share that everyone has access to.
  • This example uses the sysvol location on the domain controller.

2. Open Group Policy Management for your Domain

3. Right click on Group Policy Objects for your domain and select New

4. Give the new GPO a name such as Deploy Toec, click OK

5. Right click on the newly create GPO and select Edit

6. Expand Computer Configuration, Expand Policies, Expand Software Settings, Right Click Software Installation, select New Package

7. Navigate To the UNC Path of the files and select the Toec-1.0.0-x64 file. Do not select the 32 bit file.

8. Select Advanced on the Select deployment method dialog.

9. The properties dialog should appear, just click OK.

10. You should be back at the Group Policy Management Editor, again right click on Software Installation, Select New then Package.

11. This time select the x86 version of the Toec MSI from the same network location.

12. Again Click advanced on the Select deployment method dialogs, the click OK.

13. Select the Deployment Tab, then Click Advanced

14. Uncheck the box for Make this 32-bit X86 application available to Win64 machines, click OK

15. Select the Upgrades Tab, If there is anything listed, remove it.

16. Close the Group Policy Management Editor